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Minitasking is a graphical browser for surfing the Gnutella network. After connecting to the network, Minitasking represents other Gnutella servents it encounters as bubbles that vary in size and color depending on the amount of content they are hosting. When you enter a query for a file, the query is color-coded, and Minitasking then graphically "zaps" other servents, visualizing how many matches that servent has with another bubble that matches the color of the query. At the same time, queries received from other servents float around the screen. Minitasking is written in Java and can be downloaded for free (a version is also provided that includes the necessary Java Runtime Engine). There is also an archive of screenshots.

You need a very fast Intel Computer with Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.
Soon we will finish the Mac OS X Version.


Fonts by Craig Kroeger, <>
Original Sounds by Christian Kleine, <>
Socket Help by Thomas Chille

27 May 2002
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Marcus Hauer, schoenerwissen, Anne Pascual, khm, Cologne, Berlin
Attribution: Schoenerwissen
information map, Generative, Collaborative, Abstract, social space, robot, privacy, network, interface, community, Java, Flash, download, Visual, software, audio
Attribution: Rhizome staff
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8 May 2013
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27 May 2002