Frustration Machine

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Frustration Machine is a project where I wanted to show frustrations that internet users suffer or have suffered sometime while surfing the internet.
I tried to bring on my own frustrations experiences plus issues like hidden navigation, browser compatibility and plug-ins, bad design, accessibility, pop up windows, banners, dial up connections, etc.
Is a project that shows once if you think that you have lost control over your PC you instantly rage against it.
But have you ever really been in control?

Rodrigo Volpe
18 April 2003
Legacy descriptive tags
Thomson & Craighead, E-POLTERGEIST
Attribution: Rodrigo Volpe
Narrative, historical, Generative, contextual, Conceptual, Readymade, tactical, identity, design, browser, access, interact, interface, Internet, netart, MP3, Javascript, HTML, Flash, download, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Shockwave, Visual, software, installation
Attribution: Rhizome staff
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18 April 2003
Rodrigo Volpe
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18 April 2003
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