World of Awe 1.0

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Yael Kanarek

World of Awe is an online narrative that uses the ancient
genre of the traveler's tale to explore the connections between narrative, memory & technology.

Yael Kanarek
25 August 2001

A treasure hunt takes place in a desert terrain called the
sunset/sunrise, where the determination to find the lost treasure meets nostalgia for speculated technology and longing for a loved one left behind. Treasure crumbs found in excavation sites, oddly, resemble candy sprinkles.
Written in the literary style of magical realism, "World of Awe" contains a collection of love letters that open from digital landscapes and journal entries that describe events from the expedition. Also included are detailed technical descriptions of three navigation tools: The map, the moodRingBaby and the magnifying glass.
The "World of Awe" screen saver (for PC) is now available for download through the website, as part of the Refresh screen saver exhibition:
The screen saver includes previously unpublished excerpts from the traveler's journal and a deeper view of the Sunset/Sunrise landscape.
"World of Awe" was also presented at Rhizome's OpenMouse, an evening of digital media and and sound at New York's FUN on November 16, 2000. This performance was a collaboration with Yoav Gal, musician and Luis Perez, programmer. Documentation of the event can be found at:

Yael Kanarek
25 August 2001
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25 August 2001
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