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CROSSROADS is a project for the Web that explores the capacity of film and advertising culture to shape our sense of place. CROSSROADS creates a series of metaphorical spaces that are constructs of the mythic and actual Times Square/42nd Street area. The viewer can enter multiple (and simultaneous) narratives in the form of ‘pseudo films’: animated images and a mix of ambient sound, audio monologues and animated texts. These ‘pseudo films’ incorporate aspects of film genres that are closely identified with Times Square. They explore elements of daily life filtered through the conventions of the noir B-movie, the theater musical and the coming-to-New-York story. CROSSROADS establishes a space in which the familiar architectural and commercial icons of Times Square and 42nd Street are reconfigured to create a mix of personal myth and public space.

Annette Weintraub
31 October 2004
Variant History
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