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meta4walls is part of the 4WALLS PROJECT, a research on interactive systems dealing with surveillance, appropriation, subversion, privacy, power and resistance against oppressive mechanisms.

Lucas Bambozzi
12 November 2001

meta4walls, the first of a series of on-line privacy projects by Lucas Bambozzi is a web-project simulating a sort of meta-surveillance on the Net. It uses mechanisms widely used to collect personal information and other data through forms, cookies and questionnaires. The scripts generates automatic feedback that appear in the site among some content of interest [most of it comes from junk mail].
Inviting the user to visit a range of illicit links or to access "secret" information in a displaced context, it exposes the fragility of some systems and suggest to the visitors the feeling of being observed and having their privacy endangered

Lucas Bambozzi
12 November 2001
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