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tore terrasi

Tore Terrasi
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Artist Statement
I find my work hard to categorize by traditional definitions. My art is very much influenced by a 21st century multi-sensory aesthetic. I draw from a wide range of disciplines; motion graphics, sound and music, poetry, performance/installation, interactive media, 3D animation, typography, and print. However I find myself consistently dealing with words. The different ways we gather textual information is exciting for me to study. I particularly enjoy studying the aesthetic differences of typography between print, animated, and interactive media.
For me the most important thing for an artist or designer is the concept and I try to develop my concepts first and then find and explore the media necessary to realize them.
Art should be new and exploratory. Idea driven. My work very much deals with complex concepts and the challenges of figuring out how to realize them. Initially it all stemmed from my passion for poetry, particularly visual forms of poetry and new ways of representing the visual word. My work often explores this theme.

tore terrasi
12 May 2006
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12 May 2006
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