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Pioneering Internet artist Cornelia Sollfrank infamously created 289
international female artists to compete in the 1997 Hamburger Kunsthalle Net
art competition. Using a computer program that collected random HTML
material from the web and recombined it automatically, Sollfrank multiplied
her talents and saturated the competition with automated works made by
virtual women. Her generator is the follow-up to this piece.
Sollfrank commissioned four artists to build programs that would similarly
comb the Internet for material and reassemble the found text and images into
HTML artworks. Each generator yields radically different results,
according to the search methods and search engines it uses.
generator raises essential questions about the medium of the Internet,
specifically the issues of authorship and authenticity. - Lauren Cornell

Cornelia Sollfrank
9 June 2005
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Cornelia Sollfrank
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9 June 2005
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