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Kenneth Hung

http://www.111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.com (60X1.COM)
60X1.com is a website whose sole content consists of splash pages- the opening pages for most websites, usually containing a small amount of graphics. After clicking through all the splash pages the spectator will find there is actually no core content, opening the question of definition regarding content in web pages.
60X1.com is designed to be user-unfriendly, aiming to serve as a counter structure to the model of most successful websites- portal sites where all the links are contained in one interface in order to generate a maximum number of hits, instead 60X1 is designed to generate a minimum amount of hits with it's long domain name, one way navigation and it's big file sizes of images, existing as an experiment to test viewers' patience and expectation, as well as calling the internet into question as a forum for communication.
One way navigation denies the concept of the internet being a web.
The experiments on internet communication continue within 60X1. Certain elements in this site play with phenomena that only exist within the confines of the internet-the Hoax, irresponsible postings on numerous message boards, and strange identities that only exist in cyber worlds including Asian Prince, Supergreg, GeorgeWgirls, Peter Pan etc...Take Asian Prince as an example: The original identity of the now so-called Asian prince was a Vietnamese glamrock singer in the late seventies. In late 1999 an anonymous man found the image and applied a whole new identity, Asian Prince onto this retired rock star's image. After this secondary manipulation, 60X1.com comes in and remanipulates the readymade identity. The manipulations can have several directions. I can erase the post original and apply a new set of meanings onto the figure or simply extend an already constructed identity. This process of altering meaning and identity can only be seen in the internet realm because the creator/manipulator usually perceives the internet as a medium that does not have to bear too much responsibility (no censorship) while publishing controversial material. One interesting anecdote is one morning I actually received a phone call from a woman who desperately wanted to meet Asian Prince, thus taking the process of three constructed and shifting identities and their subsequent meanings and turning it once more with a fourth process-elements of the virtual world transcend and become reality.
60X1.COM will keep proliferating until it reaches sixty splash pages.
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Kenneth Hung
27 March 2002
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Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung
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Readymade, homepage, Generative, Conceptual, postmodern, netart, meme, Internet, interface, design, commercialization, Javascript, Java, HTML, DHTML, Visual
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