Name Games

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This is an interactive exploration of the wide breadth of slang words associated with sexualized male and female body parts. Juxtaposed against their scientific names, the 1000+ slang words reveal the emotional and subjective nature of the slang, in both positive/nurturing and negative/hateful contexts. As the viewer navigates through the floating text, a cowgirl lassos and moves within the text, re-appropriating the words for her own use, echoing the viewer's own shadows within the projected environment. The ironic voice of a cowboy's "yippee" and "yahoo" accompany the viewer's mouse clicks, as do brief flashes of underwear and wolves.
Click on any of the icons at the very top to switch to a different incarnation of the project... try out your VJ skills by working the control board, SURF the original incarnation of the project, or watch the video of the live performance (coming soon!). If you have an iSight or other video feed available, allow it to be incorporated into your own live mix.
This piece was performed during Double-Vision's performance of "Evolutionary Patterns and the Lonely Owl, mutation #2" at CellSpace, San Francisco, CA.

Jessica Gomula
18 July 2006
Variant History
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