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Vlatko Ceric

My work belongs to abstract art, or more specifically to the algorithmic art where images are generated using algorithms, i.e. precise procedures coded in some programming language. An algorithm contains rules written in mathematical and computational form that enable generation of images. I am creating my own carefully designed software that transforms my ideas into images.
I have developed an abstract visual language based on using of elementary geometrical objects like lines, squares or triangles, which are integrated into diverse spatial arrangements. Structure of my works is governed either by some preconceived constructions or by mathematical models representing internal force that keep together geometrical objects in specific spatial patterns. Images created in this way range from precise geometric imagery to structures liberated of rigorous form. I hope that my work, abstract as it is, will stimulate viewers to reflect on it and reach their own interpretation.
I believe that computer art has to find its own character and form, rather than copying traditional art styles. In my work I am looking for my own style through extensive experimenting with form and manipulation of colours, and for that purpose I use computer as a powerful tool and a partner in the creative process.
I enjoy in diversity of both form and technique. So in my visual research I experiment with a wide range of different structures. I am using various techniques like computer graphics, animation, digitally manipulated photographic prints and sculptures. In computer graphics I use both modern techniques like digital print as well as traditional ones like serigraphy. And, as one of my critics said, "Ceric presents himself with rigorous selection of patterns from almost three decades of studying and experimenting with the image".
I work with archival materials only. My digital prints are printed on archival Hahnemühle paper by top quality Epson printers using archival pigmented inks.

Vlatko Ceric
6 June 2006
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Vlatko Ceric