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Entropy8Zuper! (Auriea Harvey, Michaël Samyn)

Launched in 1999 and culminating in 2006, The Godlove Museum is a collection of five web-based artworks that utilize shockwave and flash animation styles, common for the period, to produce an intricate interactive epic. As for Entrop8Zuper!’s magnum opus, the collection showcases the remarkable skill set of Harvey and Samyn, ambitious for its time and still complex by contemporary standards in its variety of interactions. Each piece in this series reflects a book of the Pentateuch, woven with the duo’s personal, romantic, social, and political musings.

The journey begins with Genesis, signifying the birth of their joint venture, Entropy8Zuper!. Exodus, the second installment, aligns with Harvey’s own migration from the United States to Europe. These are followed by Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy; each chapter explores themes of guilt, shame, and the moral intricacies of adultery, a companion piece in many ways to skinonskinonskin. Each section unfolds based on the user’s actions, though the behaviors required to move on to the next segment are not always intuitive, nor does the work offer expository assistance.

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14 February 2024
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3 April 2024
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