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Launched in 1995, Entropy8 is a landmark in the history of net art, epitomizing Harveys vision of the internet as a viable platform for born-digital artworks. At a time when artist pages made up a significant portion of the nascent web, Harvey stood out by audaciously resisting browser limitations. She incorporated elaborate GIFs, shockwave animations, Java, and custom HTML, pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible within the constraints of the era’s low-bandwidth availability. while loading times were often extended, HArvey’s unwavering commitment to artistic integrity and exploration of web-based expriences remained resolute.

Groundbreaking for its time, Entropy8.com was featured on CNN, named by David Bowie as one of his favorite websites, and received numerous awards, including a Webby in both 1997 and 1998.

By the end of 1998, Harvey had radically redesigned the site, centering it around her live webcam , positioned at her desk. This setup invited global audiences to engage with Harvey in real time, further expanding the interactive nature of her digitally native art practice.

Regina Harsanyi
Variant History
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14 February 2024
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