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erasures.various is a digital exploration of the process of erasure poetry, which is created by redacting words from an existing text. The website presents animated GIFs depicting erasures made from code, web pages, and a computer manual.

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erasures.various is a digital exploration of erasure using the animated gif format to present process (original choice, deconstruction and then construction) as the piece itself.
I've been creating 'traditional' pieces on paper - using books, magazines, and other printed materials - over the years and am now playing around with how they work as web objects.
In the end, my project goal is to create a site where erasure submissions will be gathered worldwide, stored in a database and displayed in book format on the web; these will eventually become one collective narrative/art work. Depending on how I finally set up the rules and the code, the piece could be presented randomly, growing automatically with each submission to become an endless story. Alternately, the gathered submissions display order could be edited manually to attempt a linear narrative from my own perspective. ( For inspiration reference, see Tom Phillips' "A Humument" at ) And finally, the collective erasure could become interactive; inviting editorial participation in real-time. Coming soon to a screen near you...
Since these examples are low-tech animated gifs, you might have to reload your browser in order to make them play again - they are looped only a few times.

Colleen Tully
14 April 2003
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A Humument
Attribution: Colleen Tully
Readymade, Narrative, Abstract, postmodern, language, Internet, disappearance, digital, Animation, Javascript, HTML, Text
Attribution: Rhizome staff
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14 April 2003
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