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carrier investigates viral symbiosis in the biological and virtual
domains by weaving an intimate love story between the viewer and the
hepatitis C virus.
The site integrates artificial and viral intelligence with immune system
and computer operating system discourse within the swarming
electronically networked nervous system of our planet - the world wide
web, immersing the viewer in vrml worlds, shockwave games and java
generated textual landscapes.
sHe - the intelligent viral agent - crosses our species boundary,
penetrating our cellular core, repositioning viral infection as positive
biological merging with the flesh.
We become symborg as the boundaries between human / machine / species

Melinda Rackham
11 July 2001
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Melinda Rackham, carrier
Attribution: Melinda Rackham
tactical, Narrative, collider, allegory, VRML, queer, posthuman, netart, meme, language, identity, gender, body, artificial life, Shockwave, QuickTime, Perl, Javascript, Java, HTML, DHTML, Visual, Text, audio, Animation
Attribution: Rhizome staff
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11 July 2001
Melinda Rackham
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11 July 2001
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