Wolf + Unicorn

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1 January 201425 February 2018

Wolf + Unicorn was a project that I produced anonymously - inspired by the kind of listless and self-destructive memes and the kinds of sexual identity politics that were popular with teens on Tumblr at the time. I don't normally work in this kind of narrative or cartoon-driven way, but I was interested in how a loose story could be told, and characters/relationships/archetypes developed through a series of looping vignettes. It was a project really made to exist in its own time in the social space of Tumblr where young people were exploring and establishing new kinds of relationships online. It had a pretty short run all considered, and came late in the Tumblr life-cycle, but it remains as a strange side project that had some potential.

Andrew Benson
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1 January 2014
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