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12 February 201517 March 2019

The term “cybertwee” was born out of a collective desire to see alternatives to Cyberpunk genres, which often dominated notions of futurism in science fiction. The collective cybertwee decided to counter the “aggressive, gritty” and dystopian aesthetics associated with these mainstream genres, by curating the “moodboard” Tumblr Cybertwee, which offered “cuter” and prettier outlooks of the future.

Rhizome staff
January 2023

We were specifically interested in creating a visual aesthetic to contrast the gritty dystopian aggressive depictions of the future in science fiction. We used Tumblr to moodboard and curate art, movies, anime, culture, design and fashion that we felt shared a thematic similarity that always existed, but didn’t have a name.

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12 February 2015
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