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Solo Jazz
7 February 20125 September 2016

This Tumblr documents the origins of the 2012 “Solo Jazz” meme, which employs the instantly recognizable Jazz design, found on widely used wax paper Solo cups throughout the 1990s. Early one morning in February 2012, user arjununcle logged in to the image chatroom and posted some image "altars" incorporating the cup. These posts inspired a multi-day image editing session, where users enthusiastically remixed the Jazz design onto a wide array of everyday objects. Over the next few months, the meme spread across Tumblr, Facebook, and the broader Internet, culminating in a crowd-sourced effort in 2015 to identify the design’s previously anonymous author, Gina Ekiss. In 2016, the Dart corporation, which had acquired Solo a few years before, sent a complaint to Tumblr over this blog, claiming trademark infringement. Tumblr, which had just been acquired by Yahoo, de-listed the blog's URL in response.

Solo Jazz
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