Zombie and Mummy

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31 October 200212 May 2003

Zombie and Mummy is a website that hosted episodic, online comic adventures of the titular characters every Monday, presented as a list of clickable GIFs. Each GIF opens a new webpage where visitors can browse delights such as Zombie and Mummy's homepage and family tree which are illustrated by Palm Pilot drawings and accompanied by a MIDI theme.

Rhizome staff

Remember when going "lo-fi" was the ultimate symbol of indie cred? If so, you'll appreciate this oddball, defiantly quirky, and deceptively low-tech web site. Conceived by artists Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied, the site presents a new episode of Mummy and Zombie adventures every Monday. You'll be taken into a quirky world of non-sequiturs that has the look and feel of a site circa 1995. Join the gruesome twosome as they make a homely homepage that is sure to bring back some memories. Or browse through the duo's unique family tree that blends royalty in an easy and disturbing way. Interestingly, each strip is drawn on a Palm Pilot and then pasted into a page upon which their adventure is based. Don't worry if you feel like you don't "get it" on your initial visit. Just let the hypnotic MIDI theme take over and follow these artists on a strange path to digital art in 2003. (yahoo)

27 October 2004
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31 October 2002