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jj higgins

t e x t |message :installation video/interactive space
an investigation of the disintegrating structure of language . language that leaves us with only its components; disconnected, dissected, strangely released from recognizable/linear paths to take position as [new] icons or suggest [new] images.
The text--now free of its attachment-- spoken in whispers, as if for the final time. the last time to release once powerful sound to air while the movement of the hands, obscured by gloves to remove identity, signify signing, the new. text|message
l I n [ear] . video projection through gallery/room space
a reperceptualization of space in the context of image and sound projection across a room, through the broken space of the architecture in which the light falls. dual video projections of recognizably homogenous spaces begin to read as comfortable and familiar, yet leave each viewer slightly unsettled as passing through the images becomes a process of interrupting the space, an intervention that conflicts with the viewer's perception of the separated space. There comes a realization that the struggle to arrive can never be achieved.

jj higgins
7 March 2006
Variant History
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jj higgins