the new box || 20 things.

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Tiana Chuang

the new box || 20 things proposes twenty new uses for the box centered around three themes: conform, convert, and control. The format of the proposals is inspired by Joseph Kosuth's famous conceptual artwork, One and Three Chairs.

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'the new box || 20 things' is a project surrounding the concept of taking an object and finding 20 different uses for said object, other than its intended use. I chose a box as my object. I decided to create the concept behind the idea of the new box as a statement to the limitations and constrictions that society imposes on culture.
I centered "the new box" around three central ideas:
conform, convert and control. Inspired by Joseph Kosuth's work "One and Three Chairs" and the idea of using text to convey a statement, "the new box" was created with a minimalist theme.
Current plans for the project include a physical installation that would allow the viewer to inhabit the physical space that embodies the ideas of "convert," "conform" and "control."

Tiana Chuang
17 May 2005
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17 May 2005
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