Chavirement d'âme précipité par le passage d'un vertige (à écho mécanique)

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armand behar

Armand Behar lives and works in Paris, France.
My work recycles, decontextualises, imitates and confronts various facets of the systems of representation created by the "information society" (networks, games, virtual reality, etc...).
"Les Entrismes" consists of three web-sites, each of which splices in other, current, web-sites with various video sequences. In french, "entre" means "in-between" ; it can also refer to entering, and each of the web-sites shown here explores the interpenetration of various media-objects:
"Pliage et d

armand behar
21 September 2001
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Readymade, Narrative, contextual, Conceptual, video, postmodern, language, cinema, Java, Animation
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21 September 2001
armand behar
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21 September 2001
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