Either Side of an Empty Room

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"Either Side of an Empty Room" is a net-based, non-interactive video work engaging us in the possibility of technological intimacy. It is multilayered and created with a logic and aesthetic endemic of the web, while referencing surrealist and collage explorations of film. This work employs the lyrical language of the cinema to compose an autobiographical portrait; the viewer hovers over a series of multi-layered videos. Finally, they exist as a composition of emerging frames which overlap, collapse and fill the computer's own bordered space.
-Valerie Lamontagne

This project was commissioned by the Mus

Peter Horvath
2 April 2003
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Musee du Quebec, Lev Manovich, hell.com, 6168.org, The Language of New Media
Attribution: Peter Horvath
Conceptual, allegory, video, Internet, immersion, film, exhibition, cinema, browser, audio, QuickTime, MP3, Javascript, HTML, Visual
Attribution: Rhizome staff
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2 April 2003
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