Love Letters from the World of Awe

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Yael Kanarek

Love Letters from a World of Awe is Kanarek's first net artwork, in which she experiments with storytelling, digital image-making, animation, and interactivity. It is a part of the multi-platform project, World of Awe, which follows an unnamed Traveler through a desolate virtual world, Sunset/Sunrise, accessed through a portal in New York’s East Village.

Rhizome staff

World of Awe is an online narrative that uses the ancient
genre of the traveler's tale to explore the connections between narrative, memory & technology.

Yael Kanarek
25 August 2001

Second generation of World of Awe. Experiments.
Email distribution of love letters. Wow! rollovers! {to be continued}.

Yael Kanarek
25 August 2001
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Narrative, email, Javascript, HTML, Flash, Visual, audio
Attribution: Rhizome staff
Yael Kanarek, Blue Dot, Love Letters from the World of Awe
Attribution: Yael Kanarek
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25 August 2001
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