An Incomplete Timeline of Online Exhibitions and Biennials

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Oliver Laric

This concise history is an HTML page that offers a partial list of online exhibitions and biennials that took place from 1991-2013, with short text descriptions of each and several screen captures of the projects included. Oliver Laric created this work in response to an invitation to participate in BiennaleOnline 2013, an online exhibition that opened on April 26, 2013. Organizers ARTPLUS had described the project as "the first exclusively online biennial exhibition of contemporary art." Described in its title as "incomplete," Laric's timeline should not seen as an authoritative history of the online exhibition, but as an artist's response to this ahistorical assertion.
In assembling this timeline, Laric spoke with a number of people, including Cory Arcangel, Claude Closky, Michael Connor, Lauren Cornell, Raffael Dörig, Martin Germann, JODI, Miltos Manetas, Eva and Franco Mattes, Domenico Quaranta and Billy Rennekamp. Every suggested project that could be defined as an online exhibition or biennial was included.

Oliver Laric
25 April 2013
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25 April 2013
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