wormholes to oli und ten

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Oliver Kauselmann, Thorsten Kloepfer

Take a 360 turn inside one of the many rooms and environments, all of which connect from one to the other with the wormholes that abound in daily life. Wormholes can be seen as memories and associations, two things we take for granted but which we use on a regular basis in order to function in society. As you start clicking through, the unspoken narrative of someone's life will become readily apparent. Stripped of much language and focusing heavily on the storytelling power of images, this site also becomes intuitively navigable since the focus is really just to explore the environment in an almost pedestrian fashion

Oliver Kauselmann, Thorsten Kloepfer
9 November 2002
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Narrative, Documentary, Virtual reality, space, public space, memory, interact, language, cinema, Javascript, Flash, Virtual, video, Animation
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9 November 2002
Thorsten Kloepfer, Oliver Kauselmann