On your wrist is the universe

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Built upon the Pebble smartwatch platform, On your wrist is the universe is a suite of poems that uses real-time information about satellites, rocket bodies, planets, and stars as the basis for  generative poetry. Offering a tangible translation between our bodies and otherworldly bodies, the project highlights the possibilities of electronic poetry worn on the surface of the skin, available for short glances at any moment.

Adriana Knouf

Multiple temporalities are at work in On your wrist is the universe: the time of the saccade to the wrist; the time of rocket bodies tumbling above; the time of planets completing their trips around the sun. Yet another temporality comes into play, namely that of obsolescence, as the Pebble company that produces the watch is now defunct. This project thus asks us to consider the relationships between our development and construction of electronic poetry artifacts and the much longer timeframes involved when contemplating the universe.

Adriana Knouf
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16 December 2021
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