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Ufunk'nwithyourDNA requires a clean palette. This is change at the policy level...your DNA. Unlike the change-at-a-click Creation GoDNA examples shown herein, funk'nwithyourDNA will induce gradual, long term changes built into the lifecycle of the cells which support that DNA. Mixing or sporadic applications are not recommended least you find yourself "Prim & Proper" on MWF, "Lewd & Crude" on TW, and "Totally Mobile" on the weekends. (H'mmm, maybe again.....) You'll have to find your own blend. Although asymmetry in time may be exciting, enriching and even tolerable, avoid asymmetry in space. Spare yourself the conflict of having one side "Loud & Sassy," the other "Soft & Demure," and the middle a loose canon with "All of the above."