From Rhizome Artbase

FkN JPGs is a series where the artist becomes what he desires. Every week in 2016, Christopher Clary recreated and performed an image from his porn collection live on Cam4, an adult streaming website. Afterwards, he archived each performance to Tumblr. The blog theme overlays videos, photos, and chat to create a massive texture, an infinite scroll of becoming. Much was lost in 2018 when Tumblr banned pornography and offending posts were hidden and labeled in “violation of our Community Guidelines,” yet the algorithms didn't catch everything. Then in 2022 Tumblr changed their ban and promised a more welcoming “home for art and artists who publish mature content.” In actuality, the moderators were back at it—picking at FkN JPGs and eventually redirecting the blog to a dashboard-view only, without a trace of prior flagged content. Currently, Clary is working with Rhizome to appeal Tumblr's decision so the blog can be archived in its original form on ArtBase. Until then, experience what's left on Tumblr. In addition, the poetry collective TROLL THREAD published documentation of the deplatforming of FkN JPGs.