From Rhizome Artbase

Statement:Options, choices, dilemmas. Coincidental with the digital
revolution... in which anything and everything that you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste
will be digitally commodified and easily reproduced and/or the genetic revolution.
Which in time will reveal the human genome (substitute chimpanzee genome...substitute sheep
genome...substitute fruit fly genome...substitute plant genomes) to be the ultimate commodified
digital template. Nature clones by definition. We clone for fun. We clone by imitation. Get over
the horror and come clone with me.
Art Description: Utilizing simple tools found on the computer I have
mildly exploited the rollover image effect. The results vary from simple and colorful exchanges
to complete and often surreal transformations and their associated meaning(s)...all with a
simple hoover, click (or two) and zoom. The future is choice and everyone will need to be an artist/editor.