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NanoDramas :: Identity Pills
The NanoDramas project presents a sarcastic view of certain aspects of contemporary life. Such as the power of advertising and the pervasive influence of media on our minds, the consumerism of pharmaceutical products and the purchase of entertainment. It explores the idea of constructing one’s identity based on the acquisition of images and pre-formulated models of being, resulting on an increased lack of self-understanding.
Nanodramas is presented as a product line, with product names such as “Pink War”, “Nature” and “Rubber Candy”. Pills that generate images, which serve as a delivery method for nanodramas memories and experiences. The pop and consumer product look of the web site is an intentional parody. The users are seen as potential consumers of fragmented realities, and appropriators of borrowed identities.
This piece approaches the delivery of Art as a process of experience purchase and appropriation of the author’s memories, which were also borrowed experiences. The artist as an experience designer, who operates as a memory re-configurator and delivery catalyst.
Void and Identity
A Monodrama is a dramatic piece written for one actor. A series of Nanodramas make up one’s Monodrama, the internal dynamic theatre play. One’s inner void is the stage. The actor with no defined role, deal with a fragmented and random script. Identity as a continuous recombination of nanodramas.
In every living second sensorial impressions are received, some will become nanodramas, which in turn will be shaped and stored as desires or as repulsions. An artificial identity is crafted by feeding one’s inner void with nanodramas. Incomplete thoughts, partial dreams, fantasies, pieces of experiences and bits of visual memories, continuously recombine in short, evanescent and recurrent units of memories. Those make up dense inner particles that carry a holographic and emotional representation of one’s history, sense of self and identity.
The project had the visual collaboration of Patricia Murphey.