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"The Truth: The Truth"  Dark driven moments, humour and a sense of loneliness, glimpses of a physical chemistry between two women and two men, all work together to evoke a feeling of something potent and unrevealed. In this work you see two strands of a story side by side, The same characters, the same locations, different choreographic interpretations. What is the Truth? Which version gives the real story? Explore and compare and maybe you will find an answer. You can record and playback your own journey through the work. When you see it again does it seem the same?
"The Truth: The Truth" is based on a video dance, directed by Katrina McPherson, choreographed by Fin Walker and Paulo Ribeiro and commissioned by Ricochet Dance Productions.
'The Truth:The Truth' is our second exploration of the hyperchoreographic concept. This work allows a fluid flow through the material using simple navigation controls like the points on a compass. Click on the arrows to navigate through the different video clips.

There is the option to record and playback your sequence, There is also a one clip store function.
The final edit of a dance film is only one ending in a range of infinite possibilities. The sequence of the material is essentially down to artistic decisions made at a particular point of time in the edit, usually by the editor and director of the work.
Hyperchoreography offers an alternative approach. Using digital hypermedia,
Hyperchoreography is a non-linear dance performance 'space', existing in an interactive, networked medium. The elements are put in place by the creators, but the shape of the work is decided by the user at the moment of interaction.