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"Chloe" is a portrait of a six year old professional model. It was conceived as a request from her parents. One day, while glancing over some snapshots taken during a vacation trip with her family, I noticed that Chloe was very aware of the camera at all times. It did not matter if she was in the photo studio or on vacation, she was ready to pose. I decided to scan the particular photograph that has now become her web portrait because in this one, she is giving the viewer a sincere look -- or at least trying to.

  This project uses straight Javascript and HTML manipulating sliced images.  I combined the 10 hexadecimal grays of the browser with the photograph at a 50% tolerance in order to get different grays.  All 10 hexadecimal images are sliced into 36 pieces and change every ten seconds.  Chloe's background color changes as well. The slice combination will always be different after ten seconds.  
This project brings forth my philosophy of living which is based on poststructural writings dealing with constant change. As human beings we must be willing to redefine ourselves while being aware of our ever-changing environment. Chloe's portrait will always change, and so will she.