From Rhizome Artbase

By visiting this site, you submit your IP to different algorithms which allow the modification of some numeric pictures, created by all the visitors of this page.
The pictures are continually changing due to the data transmitted by site visitors.
In this way, each visitor adds an element and participates in the collective and unpredictable evolution of these numeric paintings. Moreover, the perception of these compositions vary according to your browser and its interperetation of the data.
There are two kinds of compositions:
Temporary compositions are put online at a fixed date. Each visitor allows the addition of an element of the composition. At a certain level of evolution, the current composition will be integrated into the collection below and replaced by new ones, base on new algorithms...
Permanent compositions evolve infinitely thanks to the visitors to this page. The number of participants per composition is fixed and depends on the composition. The first participant's contributions are automatically replaced by the last. In this way, the visitor doesn't participate in the construction, but in the perpetual modification of the compositions.