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Besides the Catholic church , which used quite elaborate principles in its counter reformation campaign, Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda, was the first to form principles of contemporary propaganda. The principles, used at first only for the purposes of war and politics, are now involved in total mass communication. In this present moment one cannot tell the difference between means of propaganda, advertising, entertainment, or education.
A web art piece that deals with Joseph Goebbels as the father of contemporary media culture and mass communication. The portrait of the infamous Nazi Minister of Propaganda consists of halftone dots that are sensitive to the movement of the mouse. As the pointer rolls over the portrait, it slowly decomposes. Some of the dots reveal quotations and text about contemporary media culture (Churchill, Goebbels, Marylin Manson...). Media culture rears its ugly head.
This work preceeds Joseph Goebbels (tm) media campaign.