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Fugue State:Coplanar
My current body of work attempts to create a dialogue between a projection and a transformation of that projection, challenging the perception of seemingly simple geometries.
I have been investigating the mathematical relationship of a plane of light (which is the light projection of a straight line) as it is intercepted by various linear elements in an effort to map that plane of light through three dimensions.
This large scale network provides a topological transformation of the roving line of light into avatars, which are “alter egos” of the straight line itself. The avatar separates from the straight line and takes on its own idiosyncratic identity depending upon the surface with which it intersects. Surrounding the viewer, seemingly random motion lines and traveling points of light appears capricious and arbitrary, providing a foil to it’s origin: the ever-visible straight line in all of its two dimensional rigidity.
Avatar lines explore the surface and dimensionality of the transparent projection planes, coiling, reeling and breaking apart as they scan form. Avatar points of light travel along the network of stretched string at times evaporating, colliding or regrouping. In both types of light intersections, the straight line is ephemerally redrawn within space.