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"StoryStorage" is a mobile community project connecting real space and virtual space by using mobile technology, especially SMS(short message service) and MMS(multimedia messaging service). This project explores the emerging mobile culture while creating a model for mobile storytelling. "StoryStorage" explores a possibility of a community based project in public space, where passers-by become the participants of the project, and all the mobile phone users become virtual participants.
This project engages with private and yet communal memories in the space where physical and digital space overlap. Using SMS or MMS, the participants write and share their own personal memories that are related to the location. The memories of the real space are written, stored, and shared digitally, where the sharing of the stories occurs between strangers connected by the mobile and web communication technologies. The stories, therefore, are delivered crossing different levels of reality as our experiences do cross real and the digitally shared memory spaces.
Moreover, by bringing the everyday tool of personal communication to the domain of public art, we want to explore the possibility of a new kind of a community in this real/digital public space in which the mobile medium mediates and delivers personal memories collected as communal experiences related to that location.