From Rhizome Artbase

Monkey_Party is an interactive video installation that aims to sneak into our daily lives by manipulating common household audio-video equipment (TV, DVD player, stereo …) in order to open our senses to new experiences. It’s an alternative audiovisual encounter between performances, video, experimental cinema and digital art.
Monkey_Party questions our relationship to images and sounds as well as the tools we use to create, listen to, and look at them. It brings us closer to performance and live improvisation by giving us random choices through a DVD player. The viewing experience is constantly changed and renewed.
Within a multidimensional universe, the six works that make up Monkey_Party, explores the themes of modifications, displacement and transformation through our different spheres of emotions and sensations. The user is required to take part in this universe. He or she needs to react with the remote control to search, wait, find, and immerge into the world of Monkey-Party.
The projectsinge group (Montpellier-Paris--Brussels) is composed of jean_f Blanquet (sound artist), Florent Roussel (multimedia conceptor) and Jérôme Blanquet (director-graphic designer). For several years now projectsinge making use and modifying consumer audio and video equipment within their live performances.