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You bet, and so can you! Although cloning your kids, neighbors and relatives may be illegal, you can always mess with your own code (as if you haven't been doing so all along!)._____________
What could alter the local bureaucracy of that thing you call "me"?
If our genes, the policymakers, can be directly manipulated, wouldn't that be more efficient than trying to sway the mass of individual proteins and the like, the doers?_______________
What if...your choices for basic behavorial hardwiring were limited to certain DNA sequence (gene) archtypes, like:___________

    Prim & Proper___
Loud & Sassy___
Soft & Demure___
Totally Mobile___
Lewd & Crude___
All of the above___
Any 4 of the above___
Any 3 of the above___
Any 2 of the above___
None of the above?____________

What if...for a few dollars more, you could fine tune the advanced controls of : -Attitude, -Facade and -Motivation?____________
What if...for the premium package, you could actually encode the essence of your being...the heart and soul of you at the core...into that timeline known as your life...your epithet?___________
What if... sorry...sexual, dietary, shelter, artistic and/or religious preferences are not available for exploitation with this service.___________
Your only requirement is to accept full responsibility for all your willful actions.___________
Results may not be reversible and there is no support (hey, you're used to this if you run your own computer)._________
Enter at your own risk. Remember:
Do not use or mix with other drugs and/or medications including, but not limited to: alcohol; antidepressants; anabolic or catabolic steroids; antibiotics; non-steroidal anti-inflammatories; profanity; caffeine; genetically altered food; vitamins; dietary supplements, stimulants or depressants; any foods which have been artificially grown, stored, preserved, altered or added to, dyed, or otherwise unnaturally manipulated for marketable mass consumption; salts, fats or sugars in excess of or substituted for those found in the food itself; any water containing any additions of any sort; or any exposure to radioactivity or other bioagents. Those involved with procreation should also refrain._________
Ufunk'nwithyourDNA requires a clean palette. This is change at the policy level...your DNA. Unlike the change-at-a-click Creation GoDNA examples shown herein, funk'nwithyourDNA will induce gradual, long term changes built into the lifecycle of the cells which support that DNA. Mixing or sporadic applications are not recommended least you find yourself "Prim & Proper" on MWF, "Lewd & Crude" on TW, and "Totally Mobile" on the weekends. (H'mmm, maybe again.....) You'll have to find your own blend. Although asymmetry in time may be exciting, enriching and even tolerable, avoid asymmetry in space. Spare yourself the conflict of having one side "Loud & Sassy," the other "Soft & Demure," and the middle a loose canon with "All of the above."

This work complements "RealSurReal...aClone, 2001" also in the artbase.