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The Weightless Sculpture Project started in 1985 with the concept "A
Line in Outer Space, Visible from earth with the naked eye, At clear
nights. A first animation was made with the Digistar Planetarium
Computer in Omniversum The Hague and exhibited in the Municipal Museum
of The Hague. When the Internet with the WWW started, I developed the
Weightless Sculpture Project website as a world wide mezzanine in
between Earth Reality, Virtual Reality and the Physical Outer Space. The
idea behind the Weightless Sculpture Web Project is caught in the
statement "Earth is done". As an artist I am working in cyberspace
dedicated to the ultimate weightlessness reality of outer space. The
last is the most mondial and physical mass experience we realize today.
WEIGHTLESS SCULPTURE exists of a physical part with a shape and a
virtual part for telematic communication with a publicly accessible
database. WEIGHTLESS SCULPTURE is orbiting in cyberspace waiting for its
physical extension. The WSP database [under permanent construction]
contains recorded activities related to the project.