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id label mime type equivalent item
Q4491 Macromedia (Adobe) Director Compressed Resource file
Q4492 Audio Interchange File Format (1.2)
Q4493 MPEG-4 Media File
Q4494 Waveform Audio (WAVEFORMATEX) audio/x-wav
Q4495 RAR Archive (2.9) application/x-rar-compressed
Q4496 Waveform Audio (PCMWAVEFORMAT) audio/x-wav
Q4497 Acrobat PDF 1.6 - Portable Document Format (1.6) application/pdf
Q4498 TrueType Font application/octet-stream
Q4499 Adobe Photoshop Image com.adobe.photoshop-image, image/vnd.adobe.photoshop
Q4500 Macromedia Director (Macintosh) application/x-director
Q4501 Java Compiled Object Code
Q4502 Adobe Illustrator (11.0)
Q4503 Adobe Illustrator (12.0)
Q4504 Comma Separated Values text/csv
Q4505 Paint Shop Pro Image
Q4506 Adobe Illustrator (15.0)
Q4507 Windows Media Video video/x-ms-wmv
Q4508 Windows Media Audio audio/x-ms-wma
Q4509 Advanced Systems Format application/
Q4510 MPEG 1/2 Audio Layer 3 audio/mpeg
Q4511 GEM Image
Q4512 Adobe Illustrator (10.0)
Q4513 Adobe Illustrator (9.0)
Q4514 Adobe Illustrator (8.0)
Q4515 LaTeX (Subdocument)
Q4516 JP2 (JPEG 2000 part 1) image/jp2
Q4517 WARC
Q4518 Log File
Q4519 Encapsulated PostScript File Format (3) application/postscript
Q4520 Tagged Image File Format for Image Technology (TIFF/IT) image/tiff
Q4521 Microsoft Word for Macintosh Document (5.0) application/msword
Q4522 MPEG 1/2 Audio Layer 3 Streaming audio/mpeg
Q4523 RealAudio (3) audio/vnd.rn-realaudio
Q4524 JPEG File Interchange Format (1.02) image/jpeg
Q4525 Graphic Workshop for Windows Thumbnail File
Q4526 JPEG File Interchange Format (1.00) image/jpeg
Q4527 JPEG File Interchange Format (1.01) image/jpeg
Q4528 Microsoft Word Document (97-2003) application/msword
Q4529 Raw JPEG Stream image/jpeg
Q4530 Adobe InDesign Document (CS3)
Q4531 LHA File Format
Q4532 RealAudio (4)
Q4533 Autodesk Animator Pro FLIC
Q4534 OpenType Font File
Q4535 Macromedia Freehand (5)
Q4536 Portable Network Graphics (1.0) image/png
Q4537 Btrieve Database (5.1)
Q4538 dBASE Database (III)
Q4539 MPEG Audio Stream, Layer II audio/mpeg
Q4540 ZIP Format application/zip
Q4541 Active Server Page
Q4542 NeXT/Sun sound audio/basic
Q4543 GZIP Format application/x-gzip
Q4544 RAR Archive (2.0) application/x-rar-compressed
Q4545 Tape Archive Format application/x-tar
Q4546 EndNote Import File application/x-endnote-refer
Q4547 BZIP2 Compressed Archive application/x-bzip2
Q4548 Audio Interchange File Format (compressed) audio/x-aiff
Q4549 Rich Text Format (1.5-1.6) application/rtf, text/rtf
Q4550 Rich Text Format (1.7) application/rtf, text/rtf
Q4551 MPEG-1 Video Format video/mpeg
Q4552 Quicktime video/quicktime
Q4553 Icon file format image/, image/x-icon
Q4554 Stuffit Archive File
Q4555 Ogg Vorbis Codec Compressed Multimedia File audio/ogg
Q4556 Structured Query Language Data
Q4557 RealAudio Metafile audio/vnd.rn-realaudio, audio/x-pn-realaudio
Q4558 Acrobat PDF 1.4 - Portable Document Format (1.4) application/pdf
Q4559 Cascading Style Sheet text/css
Q4560 Windows Portable Executable application/octet-stream
Q4561 Windows New Executable
Q4562 Batch file (executable)
Q4563 Java Archive Format application/java-archive
Q4564 Information or Setup File
Q4565 Windows Cabinet File
Q4566 BinHex Binary Text
Q4567 Microsoft Excel 97 Workbook (xls) (8) application/
Q4568 Microsoft FrontPage
Q4569 Windows Bitmap (3.0) image/bmp
Q4570 Microsoft Word (Generic) (6.0-2003) application/msword
Q4571 Macromedia Flash (7) application/x-shockwave-flash
Q4572 Exchangeable Image File Format (Compressed) (2.1) image/jpeg
Q4573 Microsoft Front Page Server Extension Configuration
Q4574 OLE2 Compound Document Format
Q4575 Tagged Image File Format image/tiff
Q4576 Graphics Interchange Format (87a) image/gif
Q4577 Exchangeable Image File Format (Compressed) (2.0) image/jpeg
Q4578 Pagemaker TableEditor Graphics
Q4579 Microsoft Front Page Binary Tree Index
Q4580 RealMedia application/vnd.rn-realmedia
Q4581 Exchangeable Image File Format (Compressed) (2.2) image/jpeg
Q4582 Standard Generalized Markup Language text/sgml
Q4583 Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation (97-2002) application/
Q4584 Windows Media Metafile
Q4585 Vector Markup Language
Q4586 Plain Text File text/plain
Q4587 PostScript (2.0) application/postscript
Q4588 Windows Metafile Image
Q4589 MS-DOS Executable
Q4590 Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (1.0) application/xhtml+xml
Q4591 Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (1.1) application/xhtml+xml
Q4592 Hypertext Markup Language (4.01) text/html
Q4593 Extensible Markup Language (1.0) application/xml, text/xml
Q4594 Macromedia Flash (3) application/x-shockwave-flash
Q4595 Macromedia Flash (4) application/x-shockwave-flash
Q4596 Macromedia Flash (1) application/x-shockwave-flash
Q4597 Macromedia Flash (2) application/x-shockwave-flash
Q4598 Macromedia Flash (5) application/x-shockwave-flash
Q4599 Macromedia Flash (6) application/x-shockwave-flash
Q4600 Web Open Font Format application/font-woff
Q4601 Macintosh PICT Image (2.0) image/x-pict
Q4602 SketchUp Document application/octet-stream
Q4603 Microsoft Excel Backup
Q4604 Microsoft Windows Cursor image/x-win-bitmap
Q4605 Audio/Video Interleaved Format video/x-msvideo
Q4606 Graphics Interchange Format (89a) image/gif
Q4607 Waveform Audio audio/x-wav
Q4608 Microsoft Access Database (97)
Q4609 ESRI Arc/View ShapeFile
Q4610 MIDI Audio audio/midi
Q4611 Hypertext Markup Language (4.0) text/html
Q4612 Java Servlet Page text/html
Q4613 Acrobat PDF 1.7 - Portable Document Format (1.7) application/pdf
Q4614 Binary File
Q4615 PHP Script text/html
Q4616 Adobe Flash (9) application/x-shockwave-flash
Q4617 Adobe Flash (8) application/x-shockwave-flash
Q4618 AppleDouble Resource Fork
Q4619 Internet Explorer for Mac cache file
Q4620 Stuffit X Archive File
Q4621 MPEG-2 Elementary Stream
Q4622 Macromedia FLV (1) video/x-flv
Q4623 Truevision TGA Bitmap (2.0)
Q4624 DS_store file (MAC)
Q4625 Microsoft Windows Shortcut
Q4626 Microsoft Web Archive message/rfc822, multipart/related
Q4627 Portable Network Graphics (1.2) image/png
Q4628 Portable Network Graphics (1.1) image/png
Q4629 Acrobat PDF 1.1 - Portable Document Format (1.1) application/pdf
Q4630 Acrobat PDF 1.3 - Portable Document Format (1.3) application/pdf
Q4631 Acrobat PDF 1.2 - Portable Document Format (1.2) application/pdf
Q4632 Acrobat PDF 1.5 - Portable Document Format (1.5) application/pdf
Q4633 Text Configuration file
Q4634 Java language source code file
Q4635 JavaScript file application/javascript
Q4636 Acrobat Language definition file
Q4637 Macromedia Director (PC) application/x-director
Q4638 Keyhole Markup Language
Q4639 ESRI Arc/View Shapefile Index
Q4640 WebM video/webm
Q4641 Hypertext Markup Language (3.2) text/html
Q4642 Scalable Vector Graphics (1.0) image/svg+xml
Q4643 Virtual Reality Modeling Language (1.0) model/vrml
Q4644 Hypertext Markup Language (5) text/html
Q4645 Virtual Reality Modeling Language (2.0) model/vrml
Q4646 Hypertext Markup Language (2.0) text/html
Q4647 Hypertext Markup Language text/html
Q4649 VLW Font File
Q4650 Dreamweaver Lock File
Q4651 Exchangeable Image File Format (Compressed) 2.2.1 image/jpeg
Q4652 Tagged Image File Format for Internet Fax (TIFF-FX) image/tiff
Q4653 Wordperfect Secondary File 5.1/5.2
Q4654 Wordperfect Secondary File 5.0
Q4655 Microsoft Word for MS-DOS Document 3.0 application/msword
Q4656 Microsoft Word for Macintosh Document X application/msword
Q4657 Microsoft Word for Macintosh Document 6.0
Q4658 Interleaf Document
Q4659 Stationery for Mac OS X
Q4660 Executable and Linkable Format 32bit Little Endian
Q4661 Mach-O 32bit
Q4662 Thumbs DB file XP
Q4663 Keyhole Markup Language (Container) application/
Q4664 Acrobat PDF/X - Portable Document Format - Exchange 1a:2001 application/pdf
Q4665 Processing Development Environment
Q4666 Microsoft Access Database 2000